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Our firm offers comprehensive legal services in immigration law. We handle all matters related to visas, residence permits, citizenship, and defense against deportation. Thanks to our experience and in-depth knowledge of the laws, we provide effective help and support at every stage of the immigration process.

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Our law firm Factolex, located in Krakow at Słonieckiego 4/24, was founded by Dominik Marchewka, a law PhD candidate and experienced attorney. Dominik continues a multi-generational family tradition, having gained experience working with many law firms and participating in numerous conferences and judicial internships. As the main attorney of our firm, Dominik continuously develops his expertise, ensuring the highest quality of our services. At Factolex, each case is treated individually, allowing for effective and timely legal assistance. We invite you to cooperate, guaranteeing professionalism and commitment.

Our Services

Visa Procedure Support

Assistance in applying for tourist, business, student, and other visas. We provide comprehensive help at every step of the visa process.

Defense Against Deportation

Defense in deportation proceedings. We represent clients in court, in administrative offices, and in appellate procedures.

Residence Permits

Support in obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits, work permits, and long-term EU resident status.

Immigrant Employment Law

Advice on employment, work contracts, and legal protection in the Polish labor market for foreigners.

Path to Citizenship

Professional help in applying for Polish citizenship, including document preparation and support during the procedure.

International Protection and Asylum

Comprehensive legal services for asylum seekers and those seeking international protection, assistance in preparing necessary documents.

Collaboration Process

Schedule an Initial Consultation

In the initial consultation, we analyze your case, discuss expectations, and explain possible legal paths. This is the first step in understanding your situation and planning further actions.


Case Assessment and Strategy Planning

During case assessment, our team of experts thoroughly analyzes all documents and information to develop a strategy tailored to individual needs and legal requirements.


Document Preparation

Document preparation is a key stage where we compile all necessary papers. Our lawyers ensure that every document is correctly filled out and submitted on time.


Document Submission and Progress Monitoring

After submitting documents, we take responsibility for monitoring the progress of your case. Clients are kept informed about all changes and developments in the procedure.


Representation in Court and Administrative Proceedings

Our lawyers provide full legal support and represent clients in all administrative and court proceedings, always acting in your best interest.


Case Finalization and Future Directions

Finalizing the case does not end our cooperation. We offer advice on future steps and plans to ensure long-term solutions and legal support.



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What documents are needed to apply for a work visa?

To apply for a Polish work visa, you need: a completed application form, a valid passport, passport photos, a job offer from a Polish employer, documents confirming qualifications, a criminal record certificate, and proof of accommodation in Poland. Financial documentation proving the ability to cover living costs is also required. The process may vary depending on the job offer specifics and the applicant’s situation.

Can I work on a student visa?

In Poland, students can work on a student visa without additional work permits, but only within a specified number of hours

Can my family join me while I am working abroad on a visa?

Family can join a person working abroad on a visa, provided they obtain the appropriate residence permit.

What are the main differences between temporary and permanent residence permits?

A temporary permit is issued for a specified time, while a permanent permit allows for an indefinite stay and is often a step towards obtaining citizenship.

How long do I need to reside in the country to apply for citizenship?

Residency requirements for citizenship: In Poland, at least a 5-year continuous stay is required before applying for citizenship.

What should I do if I receive a summons to court in an immigration case?

If you receive a court summons, contact a lawyer specializing in immigration law.

Does the firm represent clients in asylum cases?

Our firm also specializes in asylum cases, representing clients at every stage of the proceedings.

Does a residence permit authorize me to work?

A temporary residence permit usually entitles you to work, whereas a permanent residence permit offers more freedom.

How can I extend my residence permit?

To extend a permit, you must apply before it expires, presenting evidence of meeting the residence conditions.

What are the benefits of having citizenship?

Citizenship provides full political rights, access to all professions and functions, and eliminates the need for work permits.

Can my children automatically receive citizenship if I do?

Children born in Poland, where at least one parent is a citizen, automatically receive citizenship.

What are my rights during an immigration hearing?

You have the right to legal representation, an interpreter, and a full explanation of the charges.

Do I need a lawyer during an immigration case?

Legal representation is not mandatory but is recommended due to the complex nature of immigration law.

What steps can I take if my visa application is rejected?

If a visa application is rejected, you can file an appeal or reapply, addressing the previously indicated deficiencies.

Does the firm offer legal assistance in languages other than Polish?

Our firm also provides legal assistance in other languages to better serve international clients.

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